Kitsch and funky Bride and Groom

Clothing & Accessories

One of the biggest things about my wedding day was that I wanted to stand out and look like I was part of a celebration without looking like I had won a "supermarket sweep" through a big white wedding fair. 

So with that in mind I have gathered together some lovely clothing and accessories suppliers who have a similar ethos - your wedding, your way. 
Elopement Photographer

Elopement Photographers

Finding the right wedding photographer is difficult.
Finding a wedding photographer who is willing to travel up a mountain, across a lake or to a remote desert destination is a little more difficult! 

But, at Epic Elopement, we don't like easy - we like fabulous. I scoured some of the world's best elopement destinations and found some fab photographers who are a little more adventurous than those ones you hired to cover Grannies birthday last year! 
Wedding Bicycle & wedding transportation

Elopement Transportation

There may only be a couple of you and you may want to take the bus to your ceremony (my husband did!) but, if not, we rounded up some great transportation.

From bicycles made for two to a limousine to wing you to the airport we have the best ways to get around on your wedding day. 

Hair and Make Up

Hair & Make Up Artists

A little like photographers, finding the right hair and makeup artist for your day can be difficult. 

You may be in an exotic destination or somewhere especially remote but these hair and makeup angels can still make you look your best. These guys can work remotely or be local to your destination but will always make sure you are well taken care of. 

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